In concert with the preparatory work for establishment of HKUST(GZ), we have rolled out a pilot scheme on the Clear Water Bay (CWB) campus to start enrolling research postgraduate students (RPgs) and identify faculty advisors to develop the thrust areas and other potential fields as initial academic and research possibilities before the physical GZ campus is ready. HKUST(GZ) will provide multi-faceted opportunities for students to develop their personal attributes and competencies, discover their own passion and interests, and widen their horizons intellectually and globally. This includes, but not limited to, hall life, international research or learning opportunities, exchanges and internships with choices in various forms and durations, etc.

In line with the requirements of HKUST, we look for high-performing students from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds, and with different interests, perspectives, abilities, and entrepreneurial spirit.

The second batch of RPg students recruited are expected to start their study on CWB campus starting Fall 2020. The target number of admissions would be around 150, with the anticipation that MPhil students could be able to finish their study here. As for PhD students, they are expected to move to the new academic structure of the GZ campus.

Students of HKUST(GZ) in the 2020/21 intake are registered as HKUST students and graduates of HKUST(GZ) who meet the requirements of HKUST’s degree are awarded the degree of HKUST. HKUST(GZ) graduation certificate* will also be awarded to students who fulfill graduation requirements.

Competitive scholarships and studentships would be available, and more details will be shared later. For more information about HKUST(GZ) Pilot Scheme Admission, please refer to


*upon receiving Ministry of Education approval